CNBC Insights Community FAQs

  1. What is the CNBC Insights Community?
    The CNBC Insights Community is an exclusive, online group of individuals  empowered to provide ideas and opinions across a variety of CNBC related topics, including advertising, content, marketing, talent, and more. Feedback from community members helps improve the experience for anyone who watches or listens to CNBC, attends CNBC Events or uses any of CNBC’s Digital products.


  2. Who can join the CNBC Insights Community?
    If you are 18 years old or older and a current resident of the United States, you are welcome to join the community!


  3. I’m not a member of the CNBC Insights Community, but I’d like to be! How do I join?
    It’s easy! Just complete our introductory survey about you and your interests. This survey helps us match you with activities that will be fun and relevant to you. Click here to join the community!


  4. I know someone who wants to join the CNBC Insights Community. Can they join too?
    Of course! We’re always looking for more fans to share their input with us. Direct them to and tell them to click “Join Now”. Or you can send them this link to join: LINK


  5. What does my involvement with CNBC Insights Community entail?
    Your participation is completely voluntary and online. We will send you one or two invitations each month to complete surveys. We determine which surveys to send you based on the information you provide when you join the community. You can complete these surveys any time of day, from your computer, tablet or mobile device.


  6. How do I participate in CNBC Insights Community activities?
    We will send you an email or SMS notification every time there is a new survey that you qualify for. The email will include a link to the survey, which you can complete from your computer or mobile device. Just click the link and follow the instructions on the survey!


  7. Will everyone in the community participate in all the surveys?
    Not everyone will receive an invitation to complete every survey because we want to match you with activities that are interesting and relevant to you. Not all activities are applicable to all members, so the surveys you are invited to participate in will vary.


  8. How will my responses be used?
    Your responses, along with responses from other community members, will serve as key input into CNBC strategic decisions and improvement efforts around content and site/app experience.


  9. Will my information be kept private?
    Your privacy is our top concern. All information you provide will be used only for research purposes and will not be given to anyone outside of CNBC. You can read our full privacy policy here.


  10.  Can I share or tell others outside the community about what I see inside the community?
    No. This is a private community and everything you see is strictly confidential. You agreed to maintain this confidentiality when you joined the panel and consented to our Terms of Use. However, if you know anyone who would like to join the community you can direct them to and tell them to click “Join Now”. As long as they are at least 18 years old and currently living in the United States, they are welcome to become part of the community! If you have any further questions about this policy, feel free to contact us.


  11.  How do I ‘unsubscribe’ from the CNBC Insights Community?
    We’re sorry to see you go, but there is a link to unsubscribe in every invitation email that we send you. You can also unsubscribe by sending us an email at or by clicking here.


  12. Who do I contact if I have questions not answered here or experience technical issues?
    If you can’t find the answer(s) you are looking for here, have other questions about CNBC Insights Community in general or a specific survey, you can contact us here.